Who we are

Equal parts storefront theatre, opera company, and grotesque chamber ensemble, HOWL confronts collaborations that place the musicians at the center of the action. 

A company dedicated to building new works, HOWL's specialty is creative thinking. Our mission is to build integrative, unclassifiable new works using the combined imaginations of experts from across the arts disciplines. Composers, performers, writers, directors, designers, technicians, and visual artists are all a part of the birth of a new work from its earliest not-yet-fully-formed thought. Our aim is to meet challenges together - to allow limitations and conundrums to spark inventive solutions. 

We create, perform, commission, program, and record new works that defy expectations and embrace the wildly imaginative. HOWL seeks transformative experiences for our artists, audiences, and patrons through performance, educational residencies, open studios, and workshops. 

We bring our productions and cross-disciplinary approach to conservatories and music departments, as well as to festivals, communities, and universities at large because we believe our working model has the potential to inspire possibilities, solutions, and experiments not only in the performing arts, but in other fields of study as well. (about residencies)

Our Vision

Two of our favorite words are 'abundance' and 'ambitious'. We aim to make work that is abundantly imaginative and that pushes the limits of what we think possible. 

We can imagine a time in the near future in which we have a body of new evening-lenghth works of composed theatre created by artists from around the world - collaborations that deeply integrate the languages of performance and elements of the stage, that embrace diverse perspectives, and that bring together American composers and international theatre makers. Our vision is to have several teams of artists in play simultaneously: while one team is touring a new production, another is in the early workshop stage. In this way, we are in constant conversation with the works we make - evaluating, reflecting, and discovering all at once, all the time.

Current Project

In 2017-18 we debut SAVIOR, an evening-length work commissioned by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s new music series MusicNOW. A collaboration between musicians from the CSO and the singers and creative team from HOWL, SAVIOR is a mystical re-telling of the life and death of Joan of Arc, for flute, cello, percussion, and three singers. Composed and directed by Amy Beth Kirsten, the production features sopranos Molly Netter and Eliza Bagg, mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn, lighting design by Mary Ellen Stebbins, and sound design by Christopher Kriz. (more)

Last Season

In 2016-17 we premiered our most ambitious work to date, QUIXOTE, commissioned and produced by Peak Performances @ Montclair State University - a world premiere production 3 years in the making with music/text by Amy Beth Kirsten and direction/production design by Mark DeChiazza. An unclassifiable theatrical work for soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, four singing percussionists, actor, and video, QUIXOTE pokes Cervantes's timeless novel with a sharp stick giving a compelling glimpse of the mad knight on his deathbed. (more)


bad wolf music group, inc. (founded in June 2012) is home to the performing and presenting ensemble, HOWL, as well as the new media label, bad wolf records. 

HOWL is named after the Allen Ginsburg poem written in 1956. A complex and highly regarded work, Ginsburg's "Howl" has no formal restrictions and addressed, among many other topics, the concept of freedom. We relish the idea of fluidity and freedom in the performing arts, and our work aims to be unclassifiable with music as its fundamental language. 

With generous support in 2014 from The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, bad wolf music group, inc. was able to apply for 501(c)(3) status which was approved January 9, 2015. We are thankful to our fiscal sponsor, Bang on a Can, Inc., for helping us to this point.


  • Kevin Clark, Business Consultant
  • Megan Ihnen, Marketing and Communications Director
  • Lindsay Kesselman, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director
  • Amy Beth Kirsten, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director
  • Mariko Nagai, Co-Artistic Director
  • Ian Rosenbaum, Co-Artistic Director
  • Mary Ellen Stebbins, Co-Artistic Director
  • Jeff Tang, Grants Assistant
  • Maura Valenti, Production Assistant