Quixote opens tonight! / by Amy Kirsten

HOWL's fearless performers

In Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote lives in an alternate reality made entirely of his imagination; he redefines everything he sees in order to fall in line with the old stories of knights. A branch becomes a lance, an unpleasant farmhand becomes his ideal lady love, a dilapidated inn becomes a castle. In the same way, the musicians of HOWL create the world of our QUIXOTE - they become characters, scenery, and animated objects. We had A LOT of fun (and spent some blood, sweat, and tears) confronting challenging questions in order to create this world: Is it possible to dance a court dance and simultaneously play woodblock and sing? How many pockets do you need on your costume for all of your tuning forks and small percussion? How can a book become an instrument? How can a book come to life? Is it possible for Lindsay to grow into a giant flower while she is singing? Can we make a giant out of light and shadow? Is it possible to sing and play this in the dark? Can you lay on the floor, spin on your back and still play percussion? 

Over the last few years, I've watched these musicians, director Mark DeChiazza, and the creative team bring QUIXOTE to life in a way that has exceeded my wildest dreams. We are so excited to share our work with you. 

Hope to see you this weekend in Montclair - don't forget to come and say hi after the show!